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We want to offer you a 25 percent discount to take the Course to become a Health and Wellness Coach. This is a great opportunity to add to your career path.
As the new generation you will need to have the new tools to increase your consciousness as this is a tremendous time of change. Social entrepreneurship, as a Wellness Coach is a powerful way to create your own business and at the same time become more self aware and help other people. Join us and make your life what you want!

Become a Certified Wellness Coach in 6 months


General Description of the Course

The course is based upon the blended learning principle, where each student can learn in his or her own time frame, assisted by his or her own tutor. The only dates that are fixed are the testing dates. All lecture materials (presentations, videos, audio, pre-tests etc.) are on-line and are accessible or can be viewed as much as necessary (log-in required). For more information see our purpose and schedule.


Tests and discussion groups are mandatory to complete for graduation. If you cannot make the live course, an on-line option will be made available. The entire course will be taught in English.

Class 1

10 March 2018

Our Why/Illness/Symptom Management versus Optimal Wellness/Holistic Health/Digestion
Class 2

17 March 2018

We are Spirit and Creator in a body
Class 3

24 March 2018

Why we choose to help others? Why Wellness coaching?
Discussion 1

07 April 2018

Guest Speaker :

Cooking for Healthy Living

Color therapy

Test 1

14 April 2018

Online Oral and Written Component
Class 4

5 May 2018

Weight Management
Class 5

12 May 2018

Wellness Coaching/Business/Entrepreneurship
Class 6

19 May 2018

What is food? Altered Food and Supplement Solutions
Discussion 2

26 May 2018

Guest Speaker

Who are you?

EFT, Kinesiology and Reprogramming

Test 2

9 June 2018

Online Oral and Written Component
Class 7

16 June 2018

History of Glycobiology/Nutritional Glycobiology and Consciousness
Class 8

23 June 2018

Vibration and Energy healing/Glycans/Cell Functioning and Communication
Class 9

30 June 2018

Class 10

7 July 2018

Circulation/Endocrine/Fetal Development/Fertility/Pregnancy/Post-Partum/Brain
Discussion 3

14 July 2018

Guest Speaker

Woman’s Health, Hormones and Digestive Health

Frequencies, a part of the Universal Language

Test 3

25 August 2018

Online Oral and Written Component

1 September 2018

Coaching Practice Session
8 September 2018 Graduation

Graduation Ceremony takes place at Clontarf Castle. We will accept ongoing admission through April 11 th. During the course we do not treat, mitigate or cure disease.


Registration Fee BEFORE March 1, 2018

€ 1500,00

Registration Fee AFTER March 10 , 2018

€ 1650,00


Cathleen Beerkens, RN, BS, BSN, Certified Integrative Health Coach, founded the Wellness Revolution. She has been teaching about Wellness
and Nutrition for over 20 years. Cathleen graduated with a BSN from Georgetown University Nursing School in 1984, and the University of
Maryland with a BS in Health Education. Having practiced nursing for many years and having developed a practice in Reflexology, Polarity, and
Reconnective Healing, Cathleen has seen the tremendous benefits of a holistic approach.

Jeanneke Douwes, Certified Integrative Health Coach at IIN. She believes that any kind of healing process must begin with education,
because how can one heal or improve oneself and others without self-knowledge? Jeanneke is editor of the ‘A Wellness Revolution’ course and

Roos van Monsjou (Asst. teacher), BA from University of Utrecht in Civil Rights and Human Resource Management. She has developed a passion for cooking
and tremendously enjoys Teaching and Wellness Coaching. She enjoys empowering and guiding others in their process of transformation.
Grace Simon-Kellerman, Certified Facilitator, Trainer and Wellness Coach. She is committed to helping people change their lives.

Lia Weijts, BSc (Asst. teacher), Certified Integrative Health Coach at IIN, two bachelor’s degrees in Motoric Skills, Aura-Soma Colour and Massage Practitioner.
Since 2003 she has run her own practice. She loves to help people to become the best version of themselves.

Janette Vooren-Derham BSc (Asst. teacher), Certified Integrative Health Coach IIN, was born in Dublin, and now lives in the Netherlands. She has a
Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology and was employed for many years as a Laboratory Technician. She then became a certified Integrative
Health Coach at IIN in New York. She studied the Psychology of Eating and is also a Certified Weight Loss Consultant.

Guest Speakers

Session 1

9-10:45 am 
Cooking for Heathy Living
Therapist and Coach shares how color can be used for Vibrational Healing and Lifestyle Changes
Session 2
9-10:45 am
Therapist and Coach discusses ideas and concepts related to, Who are you?
EFT, Kinesiologist, Re-Programming
Session 3
Woman’s Health, Hormones and Digestive health
Frequencies, a part of the Universal Language

I want to become a Wellness Coach. And follow the online sessions with a student discount of 25%

What people say about this course

Wellness Coach, Angus Levie

“As a hypnotherapist, taking the 6 Months Wellness Coaching Course has been invaluable. It has helped me assist my clients to improve their lives in a more holistic way. My practice has been raised to a higher level where I can support my clients with new healing tools that can really affect their lifestyle changes.”

Wellness Coach, Susan Casey

“Taking the Wellness Coaching Course has been an incredible healing journey. It has created a new awareness of understanding how I can heal all levels of mind body and spirit. I would really recommend this course”

Gr Maaike Driessen

“This course really gave me a new awareness. I now understand more deeply how my body mind and spirit are integrated and from this realization I have been able to create a new way of living.

Since I took the course, my life is more in a flow and fulfilled. I am also more confident in using the tools I have learned to guide and coach my clients to find their life’s purpose and heal at all levels.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their life and start a new career. This course can tremendously help Practitioners coach and improve the lives of their clients.”

DISCLAIMER: Our Health & Wellness Coaches do not treat, mitigate or cure deceases. The Coaches will support lifestyle changes in a holistic way to help their clients improve their lives. For medical advice seek medical attention of your medical doctor. Limitation of Liability: The Wellness Coach Institute and A Wellness Revolution is not legally liable for misrepresentation or damages incurred by Wellness Coaches or class attendees who utilize recommended resources.
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