Become a Facilitator for a Wellness Revolution

Facilitators become members of A Wellness Revolution. They join our mission,are like minded people and are committed to each others success.

They are trained to facilitate the classes we have developed. After taking and completing our training course they will be licensed to facilitate our classes all over the world. As they actively participate in our weekly/monthly classes, they will receive

selective bonuses for each person they introduce. They will be offered advanced educational opportunities as they join our mission including becoming a Wellness Coach.

We look forward to welcoming you A Wellness Revolution.

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DISCLAIMER: Our Wellness Coaches and Wellness Facilitators do not treat, mitigate or cure diseases. The Coaches and Facilitators will support lifestyle changes in a holistic way to help their clients improve their lives. For medical advice seek medical attention of your medical doctor. Limitation of Liability: AWR is not legally liable for misrepresentation or damages incurred by Wellness Coaches, Wellness Facilitators or class attendees who utilize recommended resources.
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