Chocolate Coffee Doughnuts – Recipe By HealthyLittleVittles


Chocolate Coffee Doughnuts


One & a Half Cups of Gluten-Free Flour
One & a Half Tablespoons of Baking Powder
One Egg
A Pinch of Salt
Two tablespoons of Pure Vanilla Extract
A Quarter Cup of Melted Coconut Oil
One Cup of Chocolate Coffee
A Third Cup of Brown Sugar

For The Icing:

Two Cups of Powdered Sugar
A Half Cup of  Butter
One Half tablespoon of Pure Vanilla
One Half Tablespoon  of Cinnamon
Three-Quarter tablespoon of Pitaya Powder



1. Put on your oven at 450 degrees

2. Heat up your edamame and pour it into a bowl

3. Add the spices to the edamame bowl and mix

4. Bake these for fifteen to twenty minutes

5. Place the kale leaves in a bowl and add the sesame oil, lemon juice, ginger, curry powder and some salt

6. Massage your kale until the leaves are soft

7. Grate your cabbage and carrots, and add them into the mixing bowl

8. Cut your cucumber into small slices

9. Add the edamame to your salad