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Hear from our founder, Cathleen Beerkens, about our 6-month Health & Wellness Coaching Course and discover how it will shape the career of your dreams, your life and others’ lives.

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We offer both online and live curriculum to welcome the new learner to the busy professional.  Learn more about our in-depth training and how we prepare our graduates for success.

Upon completion of this course, you will earn 85 coach training hours, of which 37.5 are allocated to core competencies and 47.5 are allocated to resource development.

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Become a Certified Health & Wellness Coach! Our team is looking forward to helping you develop the necessary skills to change lives so that you can seamlessly incorporate them into your professional career.

What our student’s are saying

My journey from working on the ocean all my life, where the job comes first and wellness second to becoming self-aware and living consciously begins here!

Doing this Wellness Coaching course has joined up all the dots on my road so far. I have been taught some very valuable lessons on how to empower myself and others to balance our lives holistically.

I enjoyed all the online tutorials and found the structure of the course to be very user-friendly. The flexibility of studying in “my time” offered by A Wellness Revolution has enabled me to remain in my job and lay the foundation for a future career. I highly recommend this course if you know something needs to change in your life and want to see the bigger picture.


Wow, so much wonderful information provided in an engaging and comprehensive way. I love it! Cathleen is an amazing teacher full of passion, joy and zest for life that comes through in every class. You can’t help but feel good learning and expanding your understanding!

Melissa McCumber

“As a hypnotherapist, taking the 6 Months Wellness Coaching Course has been invaluable. It has helped me assist my clients to improve their lives in a more holistic way.  My practice has been raised to a higher level where I can support my clients with new healing tools that can really affect their lifestyle changes.”

Angus Levie

Taking the Wellness Coaching Course has been an incredible healing journey. It has created a new awareness of understanding how I can heal all levels of mind body and spirit. I would really recommend this course.

Susan Casey

This course really gave me a new awareness. I now understand more deeply how my body mind and spirit are integrated and from this realization, I have been able to create a new way of living.

Since I took the course, my life is more in a flow and fulfilled. I am also more confident in using the tools I have learned to guide and coach my clients to find their life’s purpose and heal at all levels.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their lives and start a new carrier. This course can tremendously help Practitioners coach and improve the lives of their clients

Gr Maaike Driessen

Through the work that I have done as a nurse, I have become deeply interested in health.

The Wellness Coaching Course gave me a much broader insight into how the body functions in an optimal way. Understanding how important food is in this process was very enlightening.
The course has made me enthusiastic and I have received a boost to awaken to a healthy lifestyle.
Hanneke Setz-Veldman
After I graduated as a Classical Homeopath I started this course. I didn’t know what to expect but to my surprise this course really taught me so much about life. I learned about the human body as it works holistically
and the effects of food, thoughts, feelings and nutrition at the cellular level.  I grew to understand that what I think and how I think really influences my wellbeing.  In my opinion this was a huge revelation that we don t have to be victims we have a choice how we will live and we can create health and happiness.
Charlotte van der Veen
  • Our course is the leading education in Cellular Wellbeing –

    Epigenetics & Nutritional Glycobiology

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With more than 350 exercises you can be sure that you will know everything there is about Wellness.



Our course is spread over 6 months making sure you will get all the time you need.



With over 40 hours of one on one training, you will have all the personal guidances you can wish for.


+ Locations

With over 30 locations worldwide there is always a place where you can follow our course.

Synthetic vs Natural Supplements

Do you know the difference between synthetic and natural real food supplements? Come learn about how Synthetic Supplements have a different bioavailability than Natural Supplements in the body and can cause long-term imbalances. In the class, we will explore the best solutions for maintaining cellular health in a natural way.

Mental Peace

There are many stresses on us today. It can be rather overwhelming to manage it all. There are new solutions to finding inner peace and stress relief. Here at the Wellness Revolution, we support your unique process to find yourself and inner tranquillity. Come to our classes and explore these new ideas and perhaps a wellness coach can support and guide you towards reaching your goals and finding your own inner peace.

Weight Management

Managing your weight can be rather challenging with today's modern food choices and stress. We believe that each person is unique and will need their own program designed just for them. Fat loss is not anymore about the BMI. It is about the body composition. Come explore these new ideas in weight management and perhaps work with one of our trained wellness coaches to reach your goals.

Children’s Health

As parents, our children's well-being is very important to us. Children today are faced many challenges that affect their wellness like altered food, stress, and all the electronics. We can connect you to easy solutions for many of the issues your children are facing. Come listen to ways that you can optimize your child's health and balance.

DISCLAIMER: Our Wellness Coaches and Wellness Facilitators do not treat, mitigate or cure diseases. The Coaches and Facilitators will support lifestyle changes in a holistic way to help their clients improve their lives. For medical advice seek medical attention of your medical doctor. Limitation of Liability: AWR is not legally liable for misrepresentation or damages incurred by Wellness Coaches, Wellness Facilitators or class attendees who utilize recommended resources.
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